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Please read the troubleshooting section or the known bugs Trello board. If you encounter a new bug please document it by filling out the form here.

This form is used to gather feedback and bugs. We ask people to film the bug so we can efficiently review the error and make sure to fix it for future users.

A reward of 5 - 200 Zen Protocol tokens will be given per bug. For system critical issues, you can check our responsible disclosure section.

Bug 1: Wallet not opening (error "address already in use")

This happens because the zen-node is still running in the background.


  1. Look for all processes currently running using the name zen. Enter the command: ps aux | grep zen

  2. Stop these processes. Enter the command: pkill -f zenOR killall mono

  3. Open wallet (see instructions)

If that didn't work try:

  1. Use \netstat -tulpnto find the process you need to terminate

  2. Run kill -9 PID

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