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Protocol development is managed by token holders, by participating in semi-annual coin votes, which determine protocol upgrades.

The community vote is split into two phases, each phase has it’s own snapshot:

  • Proposal Phase: Proposals which received an aggregated vote weight of more than 3% of the outstanding ZP will be considered eligible release candidates in the community vote.

  • Vote Phase: Vote on the eligible release candidates. The release candidate which wins the community vote must be upgraded to prior to the version expiry.

The protocol is held under a proprietary open source license which is designed to force coin holders to reach consensus, rather than bifurcate the network

CGP - Common Goods Pool

Every 10,000 blocks, token holders can vote to determine what percentage of newly minted coins will go to miners, and what percentage will go to the Common Goods Pool. In addition token holders will be able to vote on what it should do with its funds, based on token weighted basis.

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