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This tool enable token holders to retrieve and verify the event information of a position asset.
A position can be verified only if the asset was minted in the blockchain.
Verifying is possible in two ways:
  • By 'Asset' - Provide a valid asset ID to retrieve its event data and to indicate its position.
  • By "Event" - Provide the event data to compute its position token.

Step by step Guide

By Asset:
1) Go to the ' By Asset' page under 'Verify' tab
2) Enter the asset identifier of a position token and click 'Continue'
3) Verify the retrieved 'event data' and the token position
By Event:
1) Go to the ' By Event' page under 'Verify' tab
2) Fill the form with the event data and click the "Verify" button
3) Verify the position token asset identifier.
Last modified 2yr ago