Wallet Structure

Here you can read an overview of the basic send and receive features, and information about the different aspects of the desktop wallet.

Wallet Overview

  • Portfolio – View list of assets, their hash name, and current balance.

  • Send – Submit address you want to send your tokens to, select asset (token) you would like to send, and enter the amount.

  • Receive – Address used to receive Zen Tokens (or other compatible tokens) to your wallet

  • Transaction - View all recent transaction to and from your wallet

  • Active Contracts – This is a list of all contracts that are currently active on the blockchain.

  • Saved Contract – Easy access to previously used contracts and templates

  • Blockchain Logs - See some of the important messages from the CLI for easy troubleshooting purposes

  • Settings - Update your settings, wipe the blockchain and seed from your device, or switch to the 'Testnet' with a single click

Receive Tokens (From Others)

  1. Click the Receive tab (left panel).

  2. Click on address or copy button

    1. Either one will copy your address to receive tokens to the clipboard for easy pasting

  3. Send your address to someone who wants to transfer you tokens.

Send Tokens (To Others)

  1. Click the Send tab (left panel).

  2. Enter other person's address.

  3. Choose Asset

    1. Tokens in portfolio are already hard-coded options.

  4. Enter Amount you want to send

  5. Click Send (blue)

General Info (Bottom Left)

Chain: mainnet or testnet (testnet is a separate chain for development and testing purposes).

Blocks: # of blocks downloaded locally from the current chain.

Headers: # of blocks validated in the current chain.

Mining Difficulty: The current difficulty of mining.

MTP: “Median Time Past” — the minimum time for all future blocks on this chain.

Connections: # of active nodes you are paired with.

Wallet Version: Current wallet GUI (General User Interface) version — v0.9.0 will be the first Mainnet wallet release.

Node Version: Current node versionv0.9.0 will be the first Mainnet node release.

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