GPU Bounties

Bounties for development of necessary components and auxiliary services of the Zen Protocol.

(AWARDED) Open source GPU miner: Nvidia

The miner must include full source code and come with instructions on how to compile and run code on at least one of Windows, Linux and MacOS. In the case that proprietary drivers are necessary, those drivers must be publicly available and must originate from Nvidia.

The miner must be fair, in the sense that it finds valid blocks or shares for the Zen Protocol which lock coinbase rewards and fees to whatever address or addresses that it is configured with by the user, and to no other addresses.

Reward: 2000ZP (AWARDED!)

This bounty is available for the first valid submission. This bounty is not available for employees or contractors of Zen Protocol Development, or for their relatives.

This bounty was awarded to Protovist.

A bounty of 300ZP is available for additional submissions, provided that the code is substantially different – i.e., not based on the same original codebase. This bounty is open until the 17th of July, 2018, for each submission. Submissions must perform at least 80% as well as the most highly performing open source miner available on the day the source code is released.

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