Web Wallet

This option is easier to use and does not require time to sync up with the network or install any prerequisites.

Accessing the Web Wallet - https://wallet.zp.io

We advise you to bookmark the wallet url (https://wallet.zp.io) for an easier and safer access

Security Notice

Web wallets are inherently less secure than other forms of cryptocurrency wallets. You should not use this web wallet to secure or control any tokens or resources that you cannot afford to lose. The major weakness in any web wallet is that its code is delivered in the form of a web page, meaning that if the server is compromised, the attacker can cause it to deliver phishing code to the user, stealing private key data and using it to steal funds. An additional attack vector is the injection of malicious code into a compromised javascript dependency, for example MobX.js. Please use the Desktop Wallet if you want a higher level of security. Steps for using the web wallet as securely as possible:

Security Tips:

  1. Only use a computer that you are sure is not infected with a virus. Viruses such as keystroke loggers can steal your 24 word mnemonic phrase while you are typing it.

  2. You should use a web browser with as little as possible extensions or none at all - and only if you completely trust those extensions. Preferably you should use a browser without any extensions.

  3. For Chrome users use the PWA version for more efficency and phishing security.

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