Known Bugs

Some known issues and solutions to deal with them. Commands should be run from Terminal or Linux Command Line.

Windows Errors: How to check logs:

In order to see the logs and help troubleshoot your error please use the commands below: Press the win + r buttons and then type eventvwr, go to applications and post any errors related to zen-node.

Problem 1: I have ZENP tokens that I mined but cannot use them.


Mined tokens are not able to be used until 100 blocks after they have been mined. Please wait for these blocks to pass and then try again.

Want to report another bug?

  • If you cannot find your issue in the section above please fill out the form here. Remember to include pictures, copies of the log, and any other information you think is relevant and we will get back to you with a solution, and post it for others to learn from.

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