Contract Activation

A contract needs to be activated on the blockchain in order to be executed. When a contract mints token, the assets can be transfered without the need of the contract to be active.

A contract can be activated using:

Desktop Wallet connected with Local Node

Check how to connect Local Node

Once you are connected with the local node, you will see in the Active Contract Page a new button to Activate a contract.

Click on the button, a popup will open up and you can drop the .fst file, choose the number of blocks for which the contract will be in the ACS. For advance contract which require a higher rlimit you can choose a higher then the default rlimt. Note: the activation fee is proportional to the rlimit.


Activate Contract


Request Body





Activate Contract

> zen-cli activate path_to_.fst_file number_of_blocks rlimit

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