This list aggregates your operations in the Zen Protocol Network: all your orders and the wallet's transactions

Click the 'Operations' tab in the main navigation bar.

  • Pair/Asset : The pair represents the asset identifier (A) and a quote asset identifier (B) ⇒ A/B if a single asset is shown the corrisponding row represent a wallet transaction.

  • Tx Hash: A unique identifier of any transaction recorded on the Zen Protocol network. Clicking on the TX Hash will redirect to the transaction page in the Block Explorer.

  • Type: Quickly **identify the type of any operation.

  • Status: Indicates the status of each operation.

    The status ‘Pending’ indicates that a transaction has yet to be added to a block.

Order informations

To get more information about an order in the table, click the arrow to view the expanded mode.

Cancelling an order

Only your open orders can be canceled.

Step By Step Guide

1. Go the 'Operations' tab in the main navigation.

2. Click the 'Cancel' button next to the open order you wish to permanently remove from the ZenDex order book.

3. Verify cancelling your open order and click 'Continue'.

4.Enter your password to execute the transaction and click 'Cancel Order'.

5. Once your order is canceled a 'Pending' indication will appear until it gets its first confirmation (added to a block).

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