In order to cancel position tokens (Bull/Bear), the contract needs to be executed with the command "Cancel" and the generated message body according to the rule. It must include authentication to sign your execution.

Canceling a position is only possible while holding the same amount of position tokens from the same event data.

Step by step Guide

1) Go to the 'Cancel' page

2) Fill in the form with the event data The amount of the Bull and Bear tokens is defined by the amount of Collateral asset you wish to send back to the contract.

3) Click the "Generate" button to continue

4) Verify your cancel data summary and click the 'Copy all' button

5) Open your Zen Wallet and go to the 'Send' page under 'My Wallet' tab and click the 'Paste' button. Pasting the data is also possible using the QR code. Scan the QR code to copy the generated data.

6) Click the 'Execute' button to continue

7) Review your "Execution Summary" and click 'Continue'

8) Enter your password to sign the transaction and click 'Continue'

9) Confirm your contract execution transaction and click ‘Publish’

10) After publishing your transaction a success message will appear

11) View your transaction on the ‘Transaction History’ page You might first see the transaction on pending status, till it will get its first confirmation.

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