Full Node NPM Package

Run the Zen Node in headless mode

Install/Update Wallet

Currently the wallet is install-able only via an npm package

Installing / Updating

Run the following commands in the Terminal / Command Prompt:

npm install @zen/zen-node -g

Running the node

Run zen-node from anywhere in your command line (terminal) to start up the node

Full Wipe (Clear Data)

To completely wipe the blockchain + the wallet from your node run: zen-node --wipe full

Running with a miner

Run the node with a miner. You can also choose the amount of threads you want to utilize.

zen-node --miner 4

Running with options / arguments

USAGE: zen-node [--help] [--chain <string>] [--api <string>]
[--bind <string>] [--ip <string>] [--wipe [<full>]]
[--miner [<threads>]] [--data-path <string>]
--chain <string> specify chain (local,test or main).
--api <string> Enable api and set bind address
--bind <string> Set the address the node should listen on
--ip <string> specify the IP the node should relay to other peers
--wipe [<full>] wipe database, specify full if you want wipe wallet
private key
--miner [<threads>] enable miner and optionally specify number of threads
--data-path <string> path to data folder
--help display this list of options.